Reflection of the Week - 9th April 2024

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‘Thomas … was not with them when Jesus came.’ It is the first evening of the week, and Thomas is out there in the world while the other disciples are hiding in fear behind locked doors. We can imagine that he’s trying to power through his grief, staying busy, but he is alone, without Jesus.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we must handle everything alone. So often, we feel lonely and empty, and we cling to the idea that if we could just do a little more or if we could just be a little different, then things would improve, and we would feel more fulfilled.

Our earthly existence lends itself to packed schedules and ever-growing to-do lists. These are overwhelming enough, and then we face a tragedy—maybe an illness or an unexpected disappointment. We are tempted to use busyness to distract us from our hurt and sorrow, to look down instead of up, to look inward instead of outward, forgetting the love of Jesus.

‘Thomas … was not with them’ both physically and spiritually. He was not ready for what Jesus offered. He insisted on relying on himself and his senses before he would believe. Jesus appears to the disciples again with Thomas now with them, and a third time, his message is ‘Peace be with you.’ Then, to Thomas specifically, he offers his wounds, and Thomas responds with the beauty of complete acceptance: ‘My Lord and my God!’

Jesus meets Thomas the way he meets all of us—wherever we are when we decide we are ready. And every single time, he offers us the comfort of his peace. I pray that we are ready today. I pray that we all find a reason to seek Jesus. I pray that when we find his presence, we are with Thomas and also say, ‘My Lord and my God!’


Matthew Lester ’04, FaithND - Reflection - April 7, 2024

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