Reflection of the Week - 8th November 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

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Ephesians 1:13-23

On All Saints Day we recall the great cloud or crowd of witnesses who have gone before, who are with us now, and who will be beyond our time. On All Souls Day we remember those who have passed away. What a wonderful annual reminder that God’s love reaches across all time and space. In every generation, we are thankful for the many faithful, who live amongst us and draw us into a deeper understanding as Christian people.

We are blessed as the whole people of God, who each bring something into each other’s lives. There is dissonance in discourse, different emphasis in expressions, alternative ways for seeking justice, and a rainbow of prayerful practices. In these divergent faithful expressions, God’s Spirit sings her song of peace and unity, linking us with the very beginning of creation to the time beyond our knowing. While there will be changes in the structural “Church” that we know now, just as there have been changes in the past, the church of God’s people will always remain. As we open ourselves to the love God offers, and are clothed with the gifts of the Spirit, we are more closely bound in unity as people of God. Now, that is truly something to celebrate!

Source: © Rev Anne Hewitt 2/11/2022


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