Reflection of the Week - 8th March 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

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For millennia, God’s voice echoes the call to live gently on the earth, with righteous justice and peace-filled relationships. In following God’s way, we let go of meaningless practices that do not bring about change in our attitudes or life-giving healing to all God’s creation.

In the darkest times, in this last week and days, we have seen the difference care and concern, generosity and courage, has indeed brought to the traumatised and grieving.
God does not call for tokenism, but living faith in action, words of meaning, just actions, loving kindness, humble generosity. This is no simple commitment we make.

Live what you say. Mean what you do.

Then, the light that radiates within us, will warm us in the midst of the coldest experiences, fill us in the emptiness of trauma, and energise us with love when hope seems out of reach.
Healing and revitalisation of heart and soul, of mind and body. When you pray, God will answer.

© Rev Anne Hewitt 02/03/2022
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