Reflection of the Week - 8 June 2021

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2Corinthians 4:13-5:1 and Mark 3:20-35.

We often hear people bemoan that the Church is dying. Is it? Or is it looking differently to how it was? And is that okay?

Jesus significantly reminds the leaders that those who do as God wants, may be ‘doing, saying and being’ God’s people with a different faith-filled perspective from what has gone before.

Approaching this with dominance, power-over repression and persecution that causes division though, is the sin. ‘Binding the strong man’ or the one who is living their faith, to ‘plunder’ their spirituality and mission is, disturbingly, still occurring today.

Be alert to any coercive and unethical practices and respond in God’s love. All who live in God’s way are family. Jesus calls us to remove boundaries and social-constructs that bind identity, faithful visions and societal expectations. Our strength of being faithful people together releases our listening so that we understand each other and our ability to live with God’s peace and unity. It enables us to learn and adapt from what has been, be open to emerging ways in the present, and live with certainty and hope towards God’s Way ahead.

Our faith will flourish and grow in strength. Let us not be silent in our faith, nor dampen the spirituality of others when they follow God’s way. If there is a concern, let us come with open curiosity and gentle questions, so that we consider the richness or the waywardness, while honouring each family member. This is where we will find home. With Psalm 138, let us give thanks for God who makes our ‘life large with strength.’

Source: SA Council of Churches 2nd June 2021.



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