Reflection of the Week - 7 September 2021

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Jesus calls us to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to all. Our actions are to be welcoming, with generous hospitality, as we serve with humble hearts, healing hands, with justice and equity.

In ancient times, when stepping on another’s land, generous hospitality treated the visitor as a cherished friend or as one of the family. As a visitor, you bring peace, and leave in peace. If you are not welcomed, you shake off the dust, and leave their ‘land’ with them, not carrying anything literally away with you, nor harbouring ill-will in your heart.

‘Shaking off the dust’ reminds us of two aspects of being people of peace – leaving behind ill-will and inhospitable or judging behaviour and neither adopting it; and acting with justice, equity, humility, kindness and unconditional love.

Source: © Rev Anne Hewitt 30/06/2021, Churches Together SA

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