Reflection of the Week - 6th September 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

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What a shock! How does Luke 14:25-33 fit with the God of love, having life and living it abundantly, honouring your mother and father, and loving your neighbour? How do we hear this as a follower of Jesus? If we focused on Jesus’ teaching and call to us, where would be our focus? What would we value most? What does it mean within our family of God?

In ancient times, family, position in society and possessions gave security and a place in community. It was paramount to identity. This would have been confronting. It is to us today.

Letting go of what seems most valuable (position, possessions, a permanent family connection) is never easy. Following the Way of Jesus calls us to stand up to injustice, speak out against corrupt rules and laws, hospitably welcome the abandoned, the vulnerable and the unwanted, challenging our own ‘security’ in so many ways.

In our church family, naming and taking action against abuse, violence, and misconduct, while protecting, releasing from harm and supporting the vulnerable, is what Jesus calls us to do - even if it is confronting and shattering within our family, the very place we thought we had security.

Costly to us in one way. Life giving, peace-making and freeing in another. Disturbing discipleship, with life giving ministry and service.

Source: © Rev Anne Hewitt 31/08/2022 Churches Together SA

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