Reflection of the Week - 6th February 2024

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Born for Such a Time

Esther followed God’s direction. Patiently waiting for the right moment, God opened the King’s heart to her plight which resulted in his favour bestowed upon Esther, Mordecai, and the Jewish people. She was willing to risk her life for others and for what God called her to do.

I’m not saying we need to do this but I am saying we must be willing to do the hard stuff if God calls us to it.

Whatever our circumstances, we can wake up each day knowing our ‘for such a time as this’ is right now—right here. We can trust the King of kings to guide us as we say ‘yes’ in obedience. When we do, we will discover that even in the midst of our hardships, and everything in between, God has a plan.

‘Though few of us will ever be in such a position as Esther’s, each believer has an essential role to play in the ongoing plan of God’ (Believers Bible Commentary). We can trust Him as we live out our ‘for such a time as this’ each moment of each day, right where we are.
God has put you on this earth at this time and has placed us where we are and with the people we are with for a reason.

God has us in this circumstance in life so that we can be an influence on the people that we are surrounded by.

Perhaps He brought on this major life-change that we weren’t expecting or wanting because He wanted us to wake up and also to influence someone else.

Maybe He has us where we are so that we can be more involved in ministries or Bible studies to strengthen your Faith and He is leading us to bigger and better things. If we are patient and are open to His calling, we can realise the plans He has for us and for the people we will influence. Esther was told that ‘you were born for such a time as this’ and in your life, you can make a difference where God has placed you.

You may not see the opportunity now, but if you stay willing and open to His calling, you will find so much fulfillment in His plans!

You and I were born for such a time as this. This moment in time. How can we answer God's call on our lives in the midst of this difficulty? Who can we reach out to and share His love with. How are we walking out in faith in these difficult times? Esther was willing to risk her life to do what was right for the Lord.

Let's pray God guides us to this moment He has called us to and we answer Yes.


Born For Such A Time – Walk On Water (


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