Reflection of the Week - 6 April 2021

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When confronted by what is hard to hear, shocking to consider, grieving to know, difficult to understand, it is often much easier to not believe it at all. Then, in anxiety, fear and shame, choose to ridicule the truth-teller.

‘They did not believe her’ is a silent echo around our country even now. It is haunting to hear this phrase and that it continues to live on. Wholly undeserved, and brazen in riposte to honest statements, the underlying message ‘They did not believe her’ shatters the connecting space between people as if splintering glass.

As we celebrate Jesus’ life and death and life again, and recall the Way he shows us to live, let us hear again Jesus believed in her, healed her, appeared first to her, and commissioned her to go share the Good News. May our renewal from this Easter period follow Jesus’ Way, of respect, listening, seeking, understanding, accompanying, discussing and breaking our fasting souls with the Bread of Life together.


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Moderator's Easter Message 2021

Easter is a time of hope, a time of new beginnings. As we approach Easter this year, our hearts go out to people, all over the world, who have been living in darkness and fear and uncertainty and continue to do so.


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