Reflection of the Week - 31st May 2022

By Kym Diment

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It is a great honour and privilege to be pastor to the Uniting Churches of the Tatiara. I really believe that God wants to do special work amongst us, not only in our churches, but in all the churches of the Tatiara. One of the keys for this to happen is prayer. This is the responsibility of every believer.

There are many different types and ways of prayer but essentially, it is about relationship with God. He talks with us sharing His heart, and we talk with Him, sharing our hearts. In the place of prayer, we help to keep our hearts soft and this causes faith to rise within us, because in the place of intimate prayer we gain a deeper understanding of who God is. We also start to see the role and purpose for our lives here in this place. God has good plans for each of us and through prayer we discover what that is.

Prayer is part of worship. In prayer we spend time praising God for who he is and also thanking him for what He has done. This often flows into intercession where we share our needs with Him. It is also the place where we spend time listening to Him as He shares the things on His heart, which then shows us how to pray.

Prayer enhances our unity and where there is unity there is the promise of blessing. Jesus spent much time praying with His Father which was the strength of His ministry here on earth. Even at this moment Jesus is interceding for us. John Wesley said ‘God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.’ Our prayers can change situations, even influencing history. When we pray, be specific. Specific prayers get specific answers, which builds our faith, where as general prayers tend to strengthen unbelief.

Be assured there is one who is doing all he can to keep you from praying, Satan. Don’t listen to him. God has given us authority to rule on this earth and through our prayers we release God to move and change situations. So whether you are young or old, or in between, I want to encourage you, make prayer part of your daily routine.

Kym Diment

(Source: Uniting Churches of the Tatiara – Bordertown, Buckingham, Mundulla News Sheet, May 22nd & 29th 2022.)

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