Reflection of the Week - 29 September 2020

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How different things can look when we view them from a different angle.

I am indebted to the Australian artist Gloria Loughman for her quilt ‘Canopy’ – looking up into autumnal tree canopies.

This quilt shows the new perspective of looking at things from inside out. I used a similar idea to track the spring growth of our mulberry tree over two weeks.

What a difference a fortnight has made!

In that same time we have had typical changeable spring weather, from very warm to wet and windy and even snow in some parts of the state this morning!

I’m not sure about you but I find changes in weather very tiring. As I pondered this, I remembered conversations with people recently about on-going tiredness. There is no doubt that change and uncertainty can be exhausting so it’s hardly surprising that in September of 2020 we might be feeling somewhat weary.

I’m looking forward to some sunnier days, spending relaxed time with loved ones, and some more stitching.

As I look back on the year so far and all its challenges I wonder at how God has brought me through it!

With what is left of 2020 we must consider what is important to us? How has God touched us? Who are our key people in our home and work life? Where is God leading us now, for

God gives us a future …

daring us to go

into dreams and dangers

on a path unknown.

We will face tomorrow

in the Spirit's power,

we will let God change us,

for new life starts now.

We must leave behind us

sins of yesterday,

for God's new beginning

is a better way.

Fear and doubt and habit

must not hold us back:

God gives hope and insight,

and the strength we lack.

Holy Spirit, teach us

how to read the signs,

how to meet the challenge

of our troubled times.

Love us into action,

stir us into prayer,

till we choose God's life,

and find our future there.

Elizabeth J Smith Copyright 1997, Acorn Press Ltd.

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