Reflection of the Week - 27 October 2020

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‘Oh, there you are!’ said a friend at a gathering. ‘I didn’t see you there.’ This is a somewhat common thing for me to hear friends say.

I am small and short of stature so, like Zaccheus, I am sometimes overlooked. Though I’m not a tax-collector, I am a sinner. But Jesus invites himself to my house because, as he said in Luke 19:10, ‘the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.’

I remember that, more often than not, Jesus welcomed and dined with those who were not part of the ‘in crowd.’ The people responded with evidence of a changed life.

As I think on this, I examine my attitude to those I meet, often or rarely, and imagine welcoming them as warmly as Jesus might.


All-embracing God, when I am tempted to judge the actions of another, prompt me to remember that I, too, have been saved by your grace. Amen.


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