Reflection of the Week - 26 October 2021

By Rev Anne Hewitt

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Can you imagine the noise and the crush as excited people tried to meet this megastar of his day? (Mark 10:46-52 GNT)

Ostracised and alone, sitting on the side of the road, how would Bartimaeus have known where Jesus was? Not being able to visually locate Jesus, and being jostled by the large crowd, the noise would have overridden the footsteps of sandaled feet. Anxious not to miss Jesus, Bartimaeus calls out. Judging and with disregard, the others tried to silence him. So he calls out louder, with courage, intent and passion.

And Jesus heard.

In the midst of confusion, and the bustling and babbling of life around me, I, too, have cried out in anxiety, then courage, seeking direction, connection, and help. And Jesus heard. My fear, disquiet, confusion, lack of insight and procrastination were resolved. I had to admit when I could not see, nor understand, nor think clearly, nor know what to do.

And Jesus heard.


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