Reflection of the Week - 25th June 2024

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Gospel: MK 4:35 – 41.

I can only imagine the fear, helplessness, and desperation the disciples must have felt as their boat filled with water during the storm. Caught up in the high emotions of the squall, they found Jesus asleep in the back of the boat. Likely confused by how Jesus could be sleeping and not helping them during such a commotion, they cried out, ‘Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?’

We all experience storms that show up in our lives and make us feel as though our own boats are sinking. These upheavals can take many forms—loss, heartbreak, illness, or injustice—to name a few. As we become consumed by trying to stay afloat, we may wonder where Jesus is in our lives. We may even wonder if he has abandoned us.

In this passage, Jesus shows us that he is never far from us during even the most significant storms in our lives. Jesus is depicted here as the calm amidst the chaos, peacefully at rest amid the turbulence.

When our eyes are on the storm, it is easy to feel afraid and helpless, like the disciples. But even when we feel like we are alone, Jesus shows us he is there with us as we navigate life's many ups and downs. When we look for him and call upon him, he will always be ready to offer us peace and calm, even in the roughest of waters.

In what small, actionable way might we seek calm and rest in Jesus during the current storms in our lives?


Jen Hames ’09. Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Psychology FaithND - Reflection - June 23, 2024.

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