Reflection of the Week - 23rd August 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

Posted in Faith

When our focus is on Church rules, rationale and regulations, we often forget the real person, the intentional reason and the relevancy of why the rules were developed in the first place.

This can ‘bend’ us and reshape us in a way we may never have intended – in how we love our neighbour, in our own wellbeing, in our thinking and choices, and in how we practice and ‘do’ our faith.

Our focus on faith is bent by the weight and shape of rules. We see these outcomes in those who are not included, through structural injustice and myopic understanding. It is seen when our practices are not connecting with and supporting those whom we are called to serve.

In Luke 13:10-17 Jesus is drawing the focus away from the human ‘rules,’ towards the people of God. He offers the ‘re-shaping’ that comes from being present in God’s love.

God’s Spirit unbends and re-shapes us - to bring the good news; to recover our sight to see where we are to serve, and whom we are to love; to revise our ways of living and doing, so that justice prevails and peace reigns. God’s love reshapes us and sets us free.


Source: © Rev Anne Hewitt 17/08/2022, Churches Together e:newsletter

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