Reflection of the Week - 23 March 2021

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As the end of Lent draws near for Western Churches there are indeed many challenges to distract us this season.

The exhaustion of COVID-19; the uncertainty of the national vaccine roll-out; the treatment of women and girls and the impacts of on-going gender-based violence; new waves of COVID-19 cases in Papua New Guinea; and the end of income-support payments that have supported people through the last year of this pandemic – you could be forgiven for being exhausted and anxious.

So take some time for contemplation and renewal as Sunday’s gospel passage asks us to ‘dig deep’ and to find a quiet space or quiet moment apart. Take a breath and spend some time with God to deepen our love in the Lord so it can stand up to death and overcome it.

In Jesus’ love, death is not the end of life but the end of sin, suffering and death. Jesus’ love overcomes our uncertainty, anxiety, frustrated anger, confusion and distress. In Jesus’ love, death is the beginning and we see this when we come into our Easter season of love Divine, peace and joy.

(Based on: National Council of Churches, Lent 5 Reflection) 



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