Reflection of the Week - 22nd February 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

Posted in Faith

Trust and hope are two words we have heard a great deal in recent times, and I am sure that they will be priority words in the election seasons ahead.

They are not, however, developed on shallow promises nor faint-hearted pledges. Embedded deep in the soul, trust and hope grow from values grounded on love, truth, honour, covenant, justice, faith, and peace.

The fractured nature of the last few years has played havoc with trust and hope. It has been a discombobulating and demanding time, where regularity and the ‘usual’ have been disrupted. Psalm 37:1-11 speaks to us now.

Reset your focus. Recall God’s covenant. Delight in this certainty. Commit, trust, live in hope. Let God shine through you, and on the path of justice and peace. Let go of resentment. Be filled with love and kindness. Be patient. Take delight. Be still.


Source: Rev Anne Hewitt, 16/02/2022 Churches Together SA



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