Reflection of the Week - 22 June 2021

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A reflection on Psalm 127

Whether running a home or building a house, working at a factory or supporting a ministry there is one vital principal that is all-embracing, all our undertakings require a total dependence upon God, without which all efforts will be frustrated, and all activities will be rendered unsuccessful.

Irrespective of developed skills, natural talents, physical capabilities or intellectual genius, all expended effort that excludes the Lord will be rendered futile and fruitless. Neither diligence nor alertness will profit, without the Lord Himself at the helm. How blessed, therefore, is the home, the family, the nation – the people, who have God as the head of their house and Lord of their lives.

It was King Solomon to whom this psalm is ascribed, whose great wisdom was acclaimed throughout the world and many of his precepts and proverbs, which were inspired by the Holy Spirit are contained in the Scriptures.

Should we not diligently seek to apply this truth in every corner of our lives; our homes; our work and our world – for unless the Lord is afforded His rightful place in all our doing, we will labour in vain and our life-work will be fruitless.





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