Reflection of the Week - 22 December 2020

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As the Advent season draws to a close, we are asked to contemplate the spiritual truth of this season: ‘Unto us a child is born.’

The Gospel reminds us that when things seem darkest, joy can come in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. It is interesting that the Synod chose ‘Joy’ to promote the Christmas season – although it has been a difficult year and many have faced considerable challenge and change, it is important to seek out the joy.

When you see children at play – the presence of joy is palpable – and we are called to awaken this in ourselves, as we open to the possibility of hope, when we live in the understanding of peace and when we give with love.

As you come together with family and friends this season – remember that the birth of Christ does not just happen once a year – it happens all the time, every minute of every day.

Joy to the world, the Saviour is here and has been here all along.

(Source: adapted from Rev. Ken Daigle)

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