Reflection of the Week - 21st June 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

Posted in Faith

Galatians 3: 23-29


With so many competing messages, rules, expectations, and demands, it is often hard to hear God’s voice clearly.

It is also hard to find inner peace. At our most vulnerable times, the world’s competing expectations and rules can overwhelm us.

Faith anchors us in God’s Truth and realm. God’s voice is a still point in the turbulent ‘noise.’ God’s Hope is found in the midst of despair. Worldly expectations fade away in the reality that all people find a home with God, are known, and equally loved by Jesus, and are blessed with the fruits of the Spirit.

Today’s reading speaks of ‘bonds’ that potentially bind us to worldly rubrics. Our God’s light shines even in dark ‘prisons,’ ‘leads’ us on better paths, ‘drives out demons’ that haunt and pervert our thinking, and ‘refreshes’ us in desolate spaces. All of us find ‘home.’


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