Reflection of the Week - 21 September 2021

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We are a word driven society. What we say and do has instant impact to those around us. Social Media has made this influence even greater.

As faithful people, how do we use our gift of communication? James 3:1-12 offers some succinct descriptions of the danger and the love we choose to express, and the contradiction often in our words and actions.

We communicate through our facial expression and body language. Do we express wisdom in our words and actions? Proverbs reminds us that Wisdom is there in all that surrounds us. God is present in the market-place and throughout all creation. God’s Wisdom Spirit calls to us. Are we listening? Do we take heed? Does the Church demonstrate the faith we extol?

James reminds us that our mouths can offer thanksgiving and cursing. Does our preaching, teaching, prayer and spoken word reflect God’s Wisdom and love? How then shall we live?


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