Reflection of the Week - 21 July 2020

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Over the years I have grown herbs in my garden – even if that is the only thing I manage to grow. In our current garden most of the herbs are growing close to the back door so I remember to water them adequately during the heat of summer!

This time of year, our two varieties of self-sown parsley are looking very lush and healthy. The photo shows parsley under our apple tree, along with soursobs and rosemary in the background.

As long as I’m careful to avoid the weeds, there is plenty of oregano, lemon thyme and ordinary thyme to pick. The mint is looking the healthiest I have ever seen it in its separate pot, but I can’t say the same for the chives!

We also have a potted bay tree which along with our other herbs provides flavour for our winter soups and stews.

I was prompted to think about our herb garden after reading a reflection during the week by Elizabeth Smith, the Australian hymn writer.

In her reflection Elizabeth suggests that ‘Maybe friendship is like a herb garden. Each of the people we treasure brings a unique flavour to our life.

One friend shares our everyday pleasures: art, sport, music. They can be added to any activity we cook up. Another invites us on adventures we would never risk alone. They add spicy intensity to our life.

Some friends belong with us for a special season. They may be a travelling companion, the parent of our children’s friends or the helper in a crisis. We may not have them forever, but they are delicious company at the right time.

In my faith tradition, God offers to be a friend for every season. Someone who sticks by us in hard times and celebrates the good times with us. A friend who adds a taste of heaven to life on earth.

Next time you are chopping parsley to add to your spaghetti sauce or crushing basil for pesto, give thanks for your friends – and pray to be the friend who adds some zing and tang to other people’s lives, too.’

Grace and peace



(With special thanks to The Reverend Dr Elizabeth Smith AM, Mission Priest

for the Anglican Parish of The Goldfields who gave me permission to use her words.)

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