Reflection of the Week - 20th December 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

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Enduring Audacity Kindles Courageous Joy

Even when we are jaded, fatigued or weary, this time of year seeps into our spirits with a certain something. Why is that?

A courageous couple disregard social and cultural codes, committing to God and to love. In the likelihood of shame and dishonour, poverty and rejection in a very regulated society, Mary courageously accepts her calling from God and, risking rejection, shares her news with her fiancé. What a woman!

Joseph, ‘who always did what was right’, courageously listens to an ‘angel of the Lord’, chooses to go beyond societal codes, and honours, marries and protects Mary and the baby. What a man!

Through their courageous commitment as a family, they audaciously listened and responded quickly to political dishonesty, wisdom from culturally and religiously different leaders, choosing to flee as refugees to a foreign country, remain alert and responsive, returning to a different town and community in safety. What a couple!

Courage can be fatiguing and weary-making. It can often be viewed by jaded others, as foolish and extravagant squandering of personal resources. Yet, there is a gentle warming of the soul when enduring audacity greets the shining light of courageous integrity, moving happiness to deep joy. Mary and Joseph experienced it. The visitors from the east experienced it.

Let us listen audaciously, move courageously towards the Light, and enjoy this timeless joy.

May courageous joy seep into our spirits once more.

How happy they were, what joy was theirs, when they saw the star! Matthew 2:10

Source: Rev Anne Hewitt, Churches Together SA e:newsletter 14th December, 2022.

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