Reflection of the Week - 20 July 2021

By Rev Anne Hewitt

Posted in Faith

The moment a drop of water falls onto a cloth, the moisture disperses, gently spreading across the fabric, gradually soaking the whole piece. It is as natural as the kind smile that one face passes to another.

When God’s love dwells deep in our souls, the warming, unconditional love that we express, is spread across the network of community, with all those whom we meet. Those who were ‘far away’ become connected through the grace in the space between us. This brings unity, as commandments and rules that segregated us, no longer apply in God’s family. Labels, ‘boxes’, categories, unbending rules and practices, really cause so much dissonance with the welcoming message of Jesus. The Spirit blesses us all through our common baptism. Christ has brought us peace by making us all one people. Who, then, are we to block this?

Source: SA Council of Churches 14th July 2021.

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