Reflection of the Week - 19th July 2022

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Our lives are in constant demand. We are drawn to the loudest voice, the daily task that is most pressing, or the cause of humanity that is deemed most urgent. Our senses are constantly bombarded by white noise: of life distracting us from the real life-giving source of peace, joy, love and hope.

In Luke 10:38 - 42: Jesus Visits Martha and Mary; Jesus responds to Martha, as he responds to us. ‘Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things, but few things are needed- indeed only one …’

Martha’s hospitality provides earthly sustenance and care for others in her midst, as custom and calling require. Yet, there is a task far greater than this; that Jesus describes, as the ‘better part.’

Sitting at the feet of Jesus, Mary has set aside the distractions of life to listen to Jesus. Being present in the moment, Mary is hearing, responding and being transformed, in the presence of the Word.

This week may we also set aside the distractions in our lives. May we be fully present in the compelling presence of Christ, by listening, hearing and responding to the Word through the Scriptures, and through the lives and witness of the body of Christ.

Source: © Rev Deborah Jeanes 15/07/2022,


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