Reflection of the Week - 19th April 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

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Jesus’ call throughout his teaching resounds with holding firm to faith in God.

Good Friday echoes injustice, suffering, hardship, affliction and trauma. Absurd and unfounded accusations, followed by unjust decisions result in harsh and violent outcomes, all due to humanity’s worst traits. This echoes the human story.

Yet, Jesus acknowledged this, held firm to grace, suffered, walked with dignity, and acted with peace.

Today, we are called to acknowledge God’s truth, our humanity, and the outcomes of our sin-filled attitudes and actions. Jesus does. God’s grace meets us throughout our lives, when we are perpetrators and victims. It is we who must seek this. May we choose to walk Jesus’ way of truth, seek to act with humility and just peace, and hold firmly to where there is God’s grace.

© Rev Anne Hewitt 13/04/2022
This reflection was sourced from the Churches Together SA newsletter 13th April 2022.
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