Reflection of the Week - 19 October 2021

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In Mark 10:35-45, James and John’s sense of entitlement seems quite extraordinary. They may have listened to Jesus’ teachings, but not ‘heard’ the truth deep in their souls.

They slipped into the patterning of their familiar Honour/Shame, hierarchical society, where ‘position’ denotes power and status, and is sought at every opportunity. This is particularly obvious when they approached Jesus alone, and not with the other disciples.

The group reaction also reflects the rivalry of niggling factions that occur amongst a group, as people identify with one way of thinking or promote self-importance over regard for their neighbour.

Jesus names it, firmly placing their behaviour in the world of humanity. This is not the Way of God. Christianity and Christian discipleship are not a competition! In God’s realm, we all equally belong. This sense of entitlement and competition in and between our Churches is still prevalent to this day.

May we ‘hear’ the teachings of Jesus and The Great Commandment deep in our souls, so that together, our loving, our thinking and our daily living, becomes a way of serving, coupled with generosity and kindly friendship. May our Churches and our Christian practice set aside our privilege, power and pretence, so that we offer, in humility, the love of God to the world through the fruit of the Spirit.

Source: Churches Together SA, © Rev Anne Hewitt 13/10/2021

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