Reflection of the Week - 18 August 2020

By Rev Wendy Prior, Staff Chaplain, Synod of SA

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Looking for signs of hope

Some days can feel overwhelming if we become too focused on what is currently happening around Australia and globally.

Those are the days I need to read a book, work on a creative project, or take a walk around my garden in God’s creation – looking for signs of approaching spring.

Fat buds on the wisteria, asparagus spears peeking through the compost and apricot blossoms all remind me of new beginnings and new hope.

They each offer a foil to the wintry chill and the uncertainty of what the next weeks or months might bring.

Underlying all the uncertainty we are exposed to on a daily basis is fear. I love this quote attributed to Saint Thomas Aquinas, ‘Fear is such a powerful emotion for humans that when we allow it to take us over, it drives compassion right out of our hearts.’ If we are compassionate to ourselves and towards others, then fear is held at bay and loses some of its power over us.

What are you doing to keep fear at bay so that compassion for others and yourself can be present?


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