Reflection of the Week - 17 August 2021

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In his most vulnerable state, Solomon’s dream expressed his true nature (1 Kings 3:5-14). Anxious and overwhelmed, with truth and humility he acknowledged this with God, requesting wisdom to do the mission before him - no bravado, no pretence. Embedded in his very being, was the truth-filled understanding of God’s call to all - love God, love others. This is the Wisdom of Solomon. Honour God with your being (heart and soul) and your everyday living (thoughts and your daily living). All else falls into place – love, wisdom, priorities and knowing what to do.

One thousand years later, the Letter to the Ephesians (5:15-20) echoes this message – take care how you live, educate yourself and be wise, make good use of every opportunity, be honest, humble, truthful and live with gratefulness in your heart. God’s wisdom bears great riches beyond measure in our everyday living.

Source: SA Council of Churches (Churches Together e-news 11th August 2021)

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