Reflection of the Week - 15th March 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

Posted in Faith

This is the season for a Psalm.

These sacred songs, or poems to be sung, have been voiced over millennia, echoing emotions that reflect living life in all its fullness.

Psalm 27 begins and ends with clear statements of belief. In between we hear conviction, aching uncertainty, fear, deepest grieving, humility and delighted joy.

The current natural disasters and human atrocities we are witnessing, challenge our convictions of faith and rattle our emotions. Life with God is not about removing reality or magically fixing things. The yoke of faith enables us to carry more than we could ever imagine on our own.

The power of prayer and living justly bring balance to the unbalanced world. Psalm 27 speaks with certainty and wobbly convictions, reflecting the very real emotions that have been expressed of late, linking us through an ageless connection between ancient and modern experiences.

Our lives connect and intersect with experiences travelled previously, and that we know will be travelled again. This is the season for a psalm such as this, for in Kairos time and in God’s world, we are one.

Let us pray with one voice to our listening and loving God.

© Rev Anne Hewitt 09/03/2022




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