Reflection of the Week - 15 September 2020

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Spring is in the air


The early days of spring are viewed differently in our household. Andrew suffers terribly from hay-fever – with itchy eyes and sneezing, even when regularly taking antihistamines.

By contrast, I soak up the warmer days and spend many hours wandering the garden and delighting in the progress of new growth. My phone becomes overloaded with photos as I try to capture these wonders of God’s creation.

  • This week I can see the sky through the branches and fresh leaves of our mulberry tree, but before long the leaves and tasty berries will be all that is visible
  •  Fresh buds are forming on grapevines and fruit trees are blossoming
  •  Fluffy buds of wisteria are forming and developing into fragrant flowers
  •  Asparagus spears are peaking up through bare earth, almost too many for us to eat
  •  The heady scent of jasmine fills the air as the colours of the bush changes from green to deep pink to flowers in full scented bloom.

This year I have needed all these visible reminders of spring more than ever as we have juggled multiple trips for a family member to two hospitals and then caring for them at home afterwards. In the midst of this extra stress, and while still trying to work remotely. God continues to bless with the new hope of spring.

What are the sign of spring for you – the new growth, new beginnings and new possibilities?




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