Reflection of the Week - 14th December 2021

By Richard Rohr

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Prayer is in many ways the criterion of Christian life. Prayer requires that we stand in God's presence with open hands, naked and vulnerable, proclaiming to ourselves and to others that without God we can do nothing.

This is difficult in a climate where the predominant counsel is ‘Do your best and God will do the rest.’ When life is divided into ‘our best’ and ‘God's rest,’ we have turned prayer into a last resort to be used only when all our resources are depleted. Then even the Lord has become the victim of our impatience.

Discipleship does not mean to use God when we can no longer function ourselves. On the contrary, it means to recognise that we can do nothing at all, but that God can do everything through us. As disciples, we find not some but all of our strength, hope, courage, and confidence in God. Therefore, prayer must be our first concern.

Henri Nouwen, Compassion

Forgive me for avoiding you, dear Father,
and help me make prayer indispensable in my life.

Source: Stillpoint Newsletter, 9th December 2021.

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