Reflection of the Week - 14 July 2020

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As I have moved around this week, I have heard increasing uncertainty around COVID-19 and what it might mean for our lives and the lives of those for whom we care. . Irrespective of how ‘safe’ we might feel in South Australia, we are aware of increasing infections elsewhere in Australia and around the world.

Things can go terribly wrong all too easily. I can't imagine what it would be like to live locked down in one of the Melbourne towers at the moment. It was discomforting enoughto discover that our local supermarket has put the one-way arrows back in the aisles, and that some produce is only available in single items.

I started to reflect on the music and the hymns that give me courage and hope when life feels tough. What do you listen to so you can keep hope alive and fear at bay?

Two of my ‘go to’ songs have been included below. Sometimes it is enough to stop, to listen, to sing or to pray words of lament and hope. Grace and peace, Wendy

God in the Darkness

God in the darkness, God beyond our knowing,

patient creator, seed in secret growing,

rock of the living water ever flowing:

come and renew us.

God in the darkness, God in all our grieving,

friend of our tears, companion never leaving,

drawing us past the limits of believing:

come and renew us.

God in the darkness, God of holy dreaming,

giver of hope, and pledge of our redeeming,

Spirit of truth, our memory and meaning:

come and renew us.

Source: Elizabeth J Smith (AM) Copyright 1997, Acorn Press Ltd.

When Trouble Strikes and Fear takes Root

When trouble strikes and fear takes root,

and dreams are dry and sense unsound,

when hope becomes a barren waste,

then doubts like mountains soar around.

Our wandering minds believe the worst

and ask, as faith and fervour fade,

'Has God now turned his back on us,

forsaking those he loved and made?'

God says, 'See how a woman cares.

Can she forget the child she bore?

Even if she did, I shan't forget:

though feeling lost, I love you more.'

My dearest daughter, fondest son,

my weary folk in every land,

your souls are cradled in my heart,

your names are written on my hand.'

Then praise the Lord through faith and fear,

in holy and in hopeless place;

for height and depth and heaven and hell

can't keep us far from his embrace.

Source: John L Bell (1949- ) and Graham Maule (1958- )

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