Reflection of the Week - 13th September 2022

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What is Prayer?

Prayer is intimacy with the Great Mystery.

Be every moment aware of the Presence – how you are loved!

She takes off Her wings to heal you, He surrenders everything for your sake. At all times in every hidden, open place, It lives in your deep soul’s core, It moves in your moving and acts through your skin and the skin or bark or shell of all living beings – forms of angels, and also of water, rocks, and fire.

So be awake to the life that is loving you and sing your prayer, laugh your prayer, dance your prayer, run and weep and sweat your prayer, sleep your prayer, eat your prayer, paint, sculpt, hammer and read your prayer, sweep, dig, rake, drive and hoe your prayer, garden and farm and build and clean your prayer, wash, iron, vacuum, sew, embroider and pickle your prayer, compute, touch, bend and fold, but never delete or mutilate your prayer.

Source: Alla Renee Bozarth, from Moving to the Edge of the World by Alla Renee Bozarth, iUniverse 2003 (republished from Stillpoint Newsletter 8th September, 2022).



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