Reflection of the Week - 13th February 2024

By Henri Nouwen

Posted in Faith

A New Way to be Human

‘Freely you have received. Freely give.’ (Matthew 10: 8 NIV)

The love of God is an unconditional love, and only that love can empower us to live together without violence.

When we know that God loves us deeply and will always go on loving us, whoever we are and whatever we do, it becomes possible to expect no more of our fellow men and women than they are able to give, to forgive them generously when they have offended us, and always to respond to their hostility with love.

By doing so we make visible a new way of being human and a new way of responding to our world problems.


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It’s nearly 5 years since the introduction of the Working With Childrens Check (WWCC) became a minimum requirement for those with roles of responsibility within the life of the church.


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