Reflection of the Week - 13 April 2021

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With Easter just gone and the school holidays now started, for many it is a time when people take a break and spend time away from their usual commitments. We can often get so busy in our usual day-to-day activities that we forget that rest is as equally important as being active.

The following reflection recently appeared in a Tearfund newsletter:

'Rest is in the origin story that we find in Genesis – God created, God rested, and God called rest both holy and blessed.

When God created Adam and Eve in his image, the first thing Adam and Eve got to do was to rest. Because that is where our identity is – not in production. You see this shift, right from the beginning in Genesis, and then it is exaggerated through the narrative and laws of Jubilee. In the Jubilee laws, we see that God wants us to be free from this measurement of production and freed into a life of community, belonging, love, care and hospitality. Set free to live in a space for us to thrive, and in economies, contexts and conditions that allow us to thrive.

The resurrection ushers in God’s ultimate invitation to freedom and rest. In Christ - our rest allows for restoration ...Whatever community you are a part of, rest is about creating the capacity for everyone to thrive. After all, the whole of creation should benefit from rest.'


Rev René August is a strategist, thought leader, disciple maker, speaker, author, co-conspirator, trainer, reconciler and friend. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ruth Padilla DeBorst is a wife, mother, theologian, missiologist, educator and story-teller living in an intentional Christian community in Costa Rica.

Ruth and René, despite living on different continents, are close friends and for this piece they were interviewed together by Tearfund staff on the theme of Rest and what it means for Christian’s in the business of our world today, to take this idea seriously.


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