Reflection of the Week - 12 December 2018

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It's been the subject of many popular songs over the years... Prophets and people of faith have cried out to God because of it... Most of us will feel it some time in our lives... It crushes the life out of us and leaves us entombed in misery. It's loneliness.

At the end of His earthly life, Jesus felt very alone. He was disappointed by his best friends, who weren't able to support him in his time of fear and grief, and he felt abandoned by God, the Father he adored. Jesus completely understands my lonely fears, my hunger for relationship. Jesus stands with me and promises to never leave me.

Dear Jesus, thank you that you understand my pain; that you feel deeply for me and cry with me when I hurt. Encircle me with your tender, loving arms and restore my bruised heart. Surround me and fill me with your presence. "You are my hiding place. You always fill my heart with songs of deliverance; whenever I am afraid I will trust in you" Psalm 32:7

God of hope, you call me to move forward and rejoice in your love and friendship. With you I can never be alone. Help me to remember that other people are lonely too. Send me to them, and them to me, so that we may encourage each other and be healed. Amen

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