Reflection of the Week - 10th May 2022

By Rev Anne Hewitt

Posted in Faith

Freedom to roam blends with a guiding hand, to enable sheep to seek what they need and be shown newer spaces to explore.

We, too, freely roam through our life, exploring and learning with the wonders before us that feed our minds and soul. There are always things to learn, joy and delight to receive, God’s creation to explore, stillness and busyness of living in which to participate.

Life is not on a continuous plain. The high points of the hills of joy rise above the deep valleys of sorrowing. Even then, God’s care and comfort emerge, richly satisfying and allowing rest and restoration.

God is ever present as we roam through all the days of our lives, never controlling and always attentive. This then, is our home, where we find well-being in our living with God.

© Rev Anne Hewitt 04/05/2022
Source: Churches Together SA enews 4/5/2022

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