Reflection of the Week - 10 November 2020

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 ‘Don’t just do something, [wait] there.’

Waiting is hard especially if you are an active person and would rather be ‘doing’ than ‘waiting.’ Interestingly, it was okay for the bridesmaids in Matthew 25:1-13 to sleep while they waited, but the lack of preparation in bringing extra oil prevented some from joyously accepting the arrival of the groom and celebrating. Those who did not anticipate and prepare for the delay were not invited into the feast. Jesus is clear that no one knows when he will return. He gives no particular date so we need to be ready at all times. How often do we frantically rush around in ministry trying our best to fill our days? Then COVID came and all our events were curtailed or cancelled. How did you fare in the waiting? Perhaps it was a time to refill the oil? In the Hebrew Scriptures, oil often represented the presence of God in the temple. Don’t just do something, wait there with expectation, wait for God’s guidance for what you are called and invited to do.

Matthew 25: 1-13


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