Reflection of the Week - 10 July 2019

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God has given us a freedom which no walls, or iron bars, or powers can take away from us.

A freedom to choose our own way of life with a free will

We can choose whether to follow a secular path or one that is pleasing and honouring God.

We have the freedom to compare God's truth with what the world sometimes states as truth.

And often it is easy to be deceived and not realise what is right.


Beloved Christ,

I ask that you show me the difference between your truth and that with which I am confronted each day.

Help me with the choices that I have to make in my everyday life.

Gracious and Loving God

I will seek to find the difference between right and wrong.

To look behind the words that I have heard and seek the truth with wisdom.

And choose the right path to follow so that I can bring glory to your name.


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