Reflection of the Week - 10 August 2021

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We can live our life controlled by competition, abuse of power, coercion, unforgiving and taxing expectations, and self-centred gain, influenced by the fear of never being good enough, fast enough, canny enough, or worthwhile. This is not the Way of Jesus.

A peace-filled life is often related to sitting in a ‘holiday’ mood in a beautiful location. In a life controlled by God’s love, peace comes in a soul focused through the wisdom of the Spirit, a heart for all God’s creation and unity, healthier balanced inner-thoughts, good use of the gifts of intelligence and choices, and actively being ‘controlled’ by love that is so encompassing, it helps us rise above the negativity of life that is controlled by world demands and expectations.

Shake off the mud of hate, negativity and anger that weighs on your heart. Turn to the light of Christ that reveals to us how to love each other and ourselves, so that together, we are bearers of the love that can overcome darkness, and bring peace to the world.

A reflection on Ephesians 4:25-5:2 (Source: SA Council of Churches, August 4th, 2021)

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Reflection of the Week - 31 August 2021

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