Reflection of the Week - 1 September 2020

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What are you Thankful for?

I recently had a week’s annual leave and spent most of that time looking out at this amazing view over water at Encounter Bay.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to soak up this view.

Of course, it was also the week that was cold and rainy every day – except for the day we left to come home!

In spite of weather set-backs (and the tummy bug which hit on the last day!) I am thankful for …

Precious time spent with family

Time to stop and marvel at the changing patterns and colours of the water

The short breaks in the rain to walk to the beach

A warm dry place to return to and for the times we did get caught in the rain

Books, colouring, knitting and stitching to do – in between looking out the window

Andrew who drove us home safely.


It was also a joy to watch the many species of birds feeding and arguing over the grevillea bush in full flower adjacent to the water.

There was time to sit and appreciate being held in the presence of God.

Hold us in the womb-space of your heart, O God,

as you have held the world in all of time.

Give to us a space of gentle rocking

in the cradle of our birthing,

safely sheltered from all that threatens,

fed by the milk of your kindness,

and rested in the peace of your presence.


Speak to us of tender moments,

rememberings of other times

when we have known more clearly that we are loved.

Sing to us songs of strength for living,

and grace that does not ask a cost.

Laugh your laugh of delight in our humanness

and play with us in the wonder of a new day. Amen

(from 1993 Mission Prayer handbook – Day 13)


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