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Palm Sunday. The day when we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a cute donkey. The crowds cheered and called out his name. They lay down palm branches before him. They called out, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

But it was also the day when people were plotting to kill him.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem knowing what was ahead of him, but he went anyway.

We still echo today the question that was asked all those years ago: Who is He who comes in the name of the Lord? We need to make it a personal question: Are we prepared to walk through our lives willing to take up the cross that we are offered? If we do, it will not be all praise and acclamation, but it will nevertheless be a life of love and fulfilment.

We need to remember Palm Sunday and all that it brought:

The humility of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a lowly donkey.

The exuberance and joy of the crowd as they cheered him through the city.

The different responses of his disciples, including betrayal.

And the fact that Jesus knew his life would be sacrificed for the salvation of each one of us.


Holy Lord, you sent your Son among us to bear the pain and grief of humankind. Grant me the strength and courage to follow the path that was taken on that Palm Sunday. May I always place you first in my life and show love and compassion to all, even my enemies. Amen.


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