Reflection of the week

By Linda Sutton

Posted in Faith

Now that the season of Lent has begun, I am considering seriously how I might use this time for spiritual growth. Our culture does not lend itself to fasting. I could give up my favourite dark chocolate or a cup of coffee, but that would only be paying lip service.

I can, instead, monitor all that I read, the music that I hear, and what I watch on television. I realise that sometimes I have allowed my inner life to become separated from the secular.


Lord, as I continue this spiritual journey towards Easter, I pray for the wisdom to choose thoughts and actions that will enable me to be more receptive to powerful messages. I pray that this will help to deepen my relationship with you and help me to grow in faith and understanding.

This is Linda Sutton’s last new reflection for New Times. Thank you, Linda, for your dedicated service and insightful reflections.

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