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Betty* is a member of a Uniting Church congregation in South Australia. She felt called to share a series of testimonies related to her own experiences over many years. New Times online will be publishing several of these reflections over the coming months.

Interesting things can happen when we put Jesus in the passenger seat of our car.

One day when I was out driving, I got an urgent nudge to turn into a specific drive. I walked down the drive and knocked on the door to ask if they needed anything. The person who answered asked, “How did you know?”

I quickly found out the home belonged to a family who had newly settled in Australia. Their older son was still living overseas and had just had a serious accident. The mother of the family had left to catch a plane shortly before I knocked on the door. We were able to offer prayer and help as their ‘new church’.


Thank you, Lord, for nudging us to help in difficult times. May I always trust your voice and offer support to those who need it. Amen.


*To ensure the privacy of Betty and those she refers to in her reflections, New Times has decided to not to use Betty’s full name.


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