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How often are we caught up in the noise and bustle of everyday life? We listen to the radio, watch television, chatter endlessly to friends, and yet never seem to find the time to be still and sit in silence.

This week, as we observe a minute’s silence to honour our fallen and remember those who gave their lives, we need also to remember and be silent at other times and just be.

To some of us silence is threatening and we need noise to fill the gap. To others, even if we are silent, thoughts whirl around in our heads and invade our minds as we think of things we should be doing. With young children and teenagers it can be particularly hard to find a time for quiet. We need to find a place to simply be a part of silence, and so find time to ease our soul and recharge our heart.

Although I am surrounded by noise all day I need to find a time for silence. I will make sitting still part of my daily routine. With God's help, I will listen to the small, still voice inside me and rest in God’s loving arms in this silence.


Lord, in our ‘busyness’, we rush about and become absorbed in the noises of life. We forget that you have given us silence in which to surrender to your beauty and your calm, which is a way that we can remain still and at peace when all around us is noise. Show us the silence of humility, of love and of wisdom. Thank you for silence. Amen.

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