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The end of an era

Reverend Professor Andrew Dutney Resignation


It is with mixed feelings and deep regret that the Synod Standing Committee of South Australia accepted the resignation of the Reverend Professor Andrew Dutney from his roles as Executive Officer and Principal with Uniting College for Leadership and Theology on Friday, October 15th, 2021.

Andrew has had an illustrious and dedicated career with the Uniting Church in Australia. His ministry has been characterised by innovative leadership in theological education, research and teaching both nationally and internationally. His deep knowledge, understanding and love for the Basis of Union in the Uniting Church epitomises his passion for God’s church in the world. ‘His ability to bring the Basis of Union to life and his ability to engage with students at all levels of learning has been a privilege to observe,’ said the Moderator, Bronte Wilson.

Andrew has achieved many significant milestones during his leadership including his appointment to the South Australian Council of Reproductive Technology in 1990 and as its chairperson from 1996 until 2005. He has been a member of the Advisory Board of the Ethics Centre of South Australia and the Human Research Ethics Committee of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. A regular guest on local ABC radio, Andrew was also a columnist for the Adelaide Independent and Australian Leadership with particular focus on questions of public and practical theology that emerged through his involvement with the wider South Australian community.

As a member of the Theology Faculty of Flinders University, he was regularly involved in committees, working groups and networks within the University and was the Founding Director of the Adelaide College of Divinity/Flinders University Centre for Theology, Science and Culture from 1999 to 2005.

Andrew was promoted to Associate Professor in 2003 and then to Professor in 2010 and is the only member of the Theology Faculty to have been made a full Professor at Flinders University.

In addition to his leadership in theological education, Andrew took on the role as the Uniting Church Assembly’s 13th President, guiding the Uniting Church through a challenging period of exploring what God is calling the Uniting Church to be.

In 2016, on his return from his time as President, Andrew resumed his role as the Principal of Uniting College for Leadership and Theology, later taking on the role of Executive Officer of the newly formed Mission and Leadership Development Ministry Centre. While continuing to research and teach, he designed and implemented the Mission and Leadership Development Board and various sub-committees; restructured and integrated the Adelaide College of Divinity into the Uniting College, together with the staff of the Adelaide Theological Library. He also oversaw the refurbishment of the College and welcomed the United Aboriginal and Islander Congress into the shared campus that is now known as Yarthu-apinthi.

A prolific writer he is widely published and recognised as an expert in ethics, theology, theological education and especially in the history, theology and polity of the Uniting Church.

‘It is with profound sadness that we acknowledge Andrew’s decision to resign at this time. It is also with deep gratitude that we acknowledge his contribution to the faith and unity of the universal Church, both nationally and internationally. In South Australia we have been especially blessed by his gifts and the many ways he has contributed to the life and witness of the Uniting Church,’ said Reverend Felicity Amery, General Secretary.

Reverend Professor Andrew Dutney will conclude his placement in December 2021 and intends to live without distraction as he looks forward to fresh opportunities to continue to imagine new possibilities for himself and his wife, Heather.

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