Serving those in need over Easter

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Millions of people around the world live without the security of a home. On days like Easter and Christmas, when many of us are gathering at the homes of family and friends, others find little to celebrate.

On Easter Saturday, the late Stephen Hawking’s family donated an Easter meal for 50 homeless people in Cambridge. This meal was held on the same day as Professor Hawking’s funeral and was organised by charity FoodCycle.

On the other side of the globe, Pilgrim Uniting Church held a similar meal for homeless and disadvantaged people in Adelaide on Easter Day.

Each year, Australia Angels for the Homeless holds two special meals for locals in need – one on Easter Day and another on Christmas. These meals have been held for over 10 years.

In 2018, the evening Easter meal was served to approximately 150 people in an ‘al fresco’ setting in the Pilgrim Plaza to the rear of the church. Those who attended were given the opportunity to have a haircut, manicure and massage. They were gifted with a toiletries bag filled with personal care items and a bag of treats at the conclusion of the meal.

Coordinated by Steffan Joseph, the meals offered by the Australia Angels for the Homeless are only possible through the generosity of the many volunteers who donate their time and people who donate food and other items.

Easter and Christmas are not the only days on which Pilgrim Uniting Church supports people who are homeless or disadvantaged. Pilgrim also hosts the Sunday Night Tea program, which provides 60-80 people with a meal on Sunday nights. These meals are supported by volunteers from Pilgrim, the wider Uniting Church and the community.

For more information about the Sunday Night Tea program or the special Easter and Christmas events, please contact Pilgrim Uniting Church on 8212 3295 or email

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