Pancake Day 2023

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Yes, it’s that time of year again – Pancake Day is coming up on Tuesday, 21st February and this year, we’re all back celebrating events like Pancake Day as we did in the past!

Since 1992, Pancake Day events have raised funds for UnitingCare organisations which provide financial and food relief to people in need, as well as aged care, hospital and community service organisations associated with the Uniting Church.

Throughout South Australia, a lot of people struggle to make ends meet. They rely on UnitingCare Emergency Relief Centres and other services to help provide food and basic necessities for their families. Sadly, the need is increasing.

Please help us to support them by hosting a Pancake Day event or making a donation. If you like, you can choose which UnitingCare organisation will receive the funds you raise.

During each of the last two years, UnitingCare Emergency Relief Centres provided and prepared meals or food items for about 200,000 meals. That’s a huge effort, which supported thousands of people.

Besides meals, the centres also provide a wide range of other services, including goods from op shops and financial planning. Importantly, they make a positive and welcoming contribution to the lives of their clients.

Many different groups and organisations hold Pancake Day fundraising events, not just Uniting Church groups. Last year, about a quarter of the groups were not associated with the Church. They included public and independent schools, Girl Guides groups, child care centres, craft groups and businesses.

Fundraisers can be held any time from February to April in the lead up to Easter, or even after Easter.

You don’t even need to cook pancakes. Some groups have cakes, biscuits or individually wrapped treats as they enjoy a cuppa together.

We hope you will be able to hold a Pancake Day fundraising event or make a donation this year – and so do the people who benefit from the funds raised!

To find out more about Pancake Day fundraising for UnitingCare, please register online via the Uniting Church website at this link: UCA S - Pancake Day Registration.

You can also find further information and resources about Pancake Day at this link: UCA SA - School/ Child Care/ Community Group Resources or please email: Turn on Javascript!.

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Pancake Day Update 2023

As we approach Pancake Day 2023 in two weeks’ time, people across the Uniting Church and the wider community have a chance to focus upon cost of living issues.


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