New opportunities

By Moderator Bronte Wilson

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The year 2021 has arrived – a new year with new opportunities. In January we often reflect on what has been and make plans for the coming year. 2020 was different in many ways and full of uncertainties and we may wonder if this year is going to be the same?

It has certainly started with uncertainty, both here and in other places. We feel for, and pray for the people and leaders of the United States of America, following the protests and violence in response to the election. We remember Christmas plans and family get togethers disrupted due to travel restrictions and infection outbreaks.

We may wonder what the New Year holds and what plans we can make as we continue to experience new and different things.The upcoming online session of the Synod meeting on January 30th will also be a new experience for most of us. May the technology work well and may the members be able to engage well.

Following this our thoughts go to the Celebration of Ministry Service on 7th February and we pray that it is a time when we can truly honour those who have reached significant milestones in their ministries. We pray for the ‘in person’ Synod sessions from the 11th to 13th February; for those attending and those resourcing the meeting. We pray also that the meeting can go ahead in this format and that it will be a special time of worship, decision-making, gaining information and fellowship. I commend to you the Prayer Diary which Rev Sue Ellis, ex-Moderator, has put together in preparation for this Synod.

As we ponder the future may we look forward to the new opportunities that this year may bring. May we see what is possible for us and our congregations as we continue to consider how we can make a difference in the world.

Bronte Wilson

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