Mwandi OVC Project, Zambia

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When COVID-19 hit, along with all of its implications and changes, the Mwandi United Church of Zambia was faced with a big challenge – how to feed 140 children (22 of them with HIV/AIDS) on a daily basis?

It wasn’t the case that they could continue to congregate in the feeding hall and for the first five days children were isolated in their huts, with Councillors checking in, especially on the most vulnerable families in the village.

‘We thank God that we received an initial letter from the Office of the President giving permission to feed the orphans and vulnerable children, with the District Commissioner giving us some guidelines,’ said Deaconess Judith Nyuma Lunga, head of the Mwandi Consistory.

The feeding team established a ‘take-away’ system with children monitored for hand-washing and physical distancing as they received their package of food. The care and safety of the children and the staff has been paramount throughout these challenging times.

It is hoped that in 2021 a team of volunteers can head over to Mwandi and we thank God for his love and protection of the feeding program and pray for continuing safety for all.

Further information about the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Project is available via the Mwandi newsletter available by contacting Leonie Dixon-Thompson on 0457 704 660 or by email:

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